The staff is very nice!

Shardul Gaikwad

I recently had a close friend at this facility. It was excellent. The staff were friendly and the rehab was top notch. My friend came home better than ever.

Micah R

The staff at Extended Care are really nice and accommodating this facility is clean and always smells good. Great nursing and it feels like home, staff members make you feel warm and welcomed. I would recommend this facility to anyone.

Alan S

Thank you "God" for Extended Care Hospital. It's with great pleasure to provide some insight why they're worthy of 5 Star's; On 2/8/17, Papa Adams was transported from Riverside Community Hospital to Extended Care Hospital late at night. My sister Sherri and other family members went the day before researching for a quality hospital for rehabilitation. Sherri informed family about the attitude of "Excellence" filtered with an abundance of diverse personalities and employees with empathy entwined sympathy needed with the rehabilitation for Dad at Extended Care Hospital. When the transport was completed and other family members had followed to ensure Dad would be at a place of peace. They definitely weren't like some hospitals with some staff being great pretenders and once the family leave staff change into a bad horror movie. Extended Care was the opposite a "Dream Come True!" This hospital is as real as it gets with treating a patient like a celebrity. Walking through the doors and greeted with "Hello" and "Smiles" at 10:00 pm. Absolutely no attitudes from working late night shifts only humbleness and like one of my belated grandma's favorite saying, "Now that's saying something!" Greatness always start at the top and dripples down like good homemade frosting on a Bundt cake. I must give "Kudo's" starting from the top of the melting pot: MICHELLE and her 'Extraordinary Employees ' AIZA, NOEL, EMILY, ROBERTA, JANINE and JOE. I call them the Auto-Pilot Team. Each and everyone of them knew what to do without asking or being lazy. It's self-explanatory "TEAMWORK is making the DREAMWORK" for patients at Extended Care. "Thank You "so very much for ensuring Dad's in good hands with his rehabilitation. Mom feels at peace along with the rest of the family Extended Care you earned these Five Star's 1. Proffessionalism. 2. Efficient. 3. Pleasent Personalities. 4. Empathy. 5. Sympathy. Keep doing what you do. I know after Dad's released I'll definitely have a follow-up review with more names to include for one 'Awesome' Rehabilitation and Extended Care Hospital. Thank You Once Again!

Valerie T

I have a close friend who was admitted to Extended Care of Riverside six weeks ago, after suffering a cardiac arrest. First thing is the place is always clean and doesn't smell of urine (like most of these facilities do). The staff is always friendly and professional, always there to help out when a patient needs it. My friend has made great progress since being at Extended Care of Riverside. I would recommend this place.

Joni Hunsucker

I've visited this facility on several different occasions, it always looks and smells clean. The patients always seem very happy and well attended to. Staff members are nice and welcoming. Anytime I have had to follow up on one of their patients the nursing staff has been very helpful and informative. I'd definitely recommend this facility to others.

Leticia V

This facility is very inviting, very clean and attentive staff! I highly recommend this place!!

Gabriela T

My mother was sent here after an infection from her knee replacement surgery. The staff has been nothing but professional, caring, and hard working the whole time she's been here. They keep the facility clean and have excellent physical therapists and occupational therapists to help patients gain their independence. The nurses and CNAs do everything they can to help patients maintain privacy and dignity while they are there. They make an incredibly difficult job look easy and they do it with an attitude of compassion and empathy. I would recommend this facility to any family needing this type of care for a loved one.

Kathy O

My mother has been to this facility upon three separate admissions; two were for rehabilitation,(post-hospitalization) and one for Respite care, (my choice)! Upon ALL three visits my mother was treated with professionalism, dignity and respect, from the administration to the custodial staff. As an RN myself, I played an active role in my mother's stay to ensure a seamless transition home, and no matter the need, there was always the appropriate staff member available to answer/address my questions and concerns, including referrals to appropriate resources. I believe the winning ingredients for Extended Care Hospital of Riverside is Caring,Communication and Follow-through. Keep-up the good work, "Team Extended Care...!"

Jacqueline D

My mother was sent here for her rehab for her partial hip replacement. She was treated very well , and the staff was very attentive to her needs, I visited almost every day and the facility is well run. Thank you to all the staff and Micha. Regards Norbert Lewandowski

Norbert L

I had the opportunity to tour this facility for a couple physicians I work with. I was very pleased with what I saw and experienced. The staff was friendly, the building smelled nice and the residents seemed to be happy. Overall I would put trust in this facility to care for the patients my physicians send there.

Bret P

facility is clean it smells nice, the staff is very friendly and makes you feel like your at home. customer service is great and I would recommend this facility to anyone who wants great and fast recovery!!

Marissa M

13 years working in this facility very happy for this 5

Martha Llamas

fantastic place.... great nursing care and physical therapy. Staff makes you feel like your at home. Nurses are very sweet, overall great experience

Neydy G

My experience at Extended Care was a great one. My litmus test is whether I would refer my own family... This facility passes that test! The nursing staff are organized and responsive and genuinely love what they do. What I was most impressed by was how accessible and involved the leaders were. I don't know if everyone has the same experience, but within minutes I met the administrator and the director of nursing. I can tell that these folks love what they do and do it for the right reasons. Thank you for setting the bar high!

Tanner P

Great people and staff take wonderful care of there patients and plan on doing business with them for along time

Ted J

This facility is fantastic! It has great, friendly staff. The nurses are really nice and its very clean. i would definitely recommend this facility to friends and family.

Jade W

Evan Icce

This place is great, has great nurses. It's very clean, smells good. The staff is very sweet and caring. Excellent customer service, they are very accommodating. My family member had a great stay there. Thank you Extended Care!

Vivian M

Such great nurses that help all the time. Physical therapy was extremely helpful to get me walking again. I would recommend them to anyone needing to go to nursing home. Everyone was always so nice and helpful.

Hector C

Extended Care hospital is where you want your loved one to receive great care. The nurses are wonderful, great customer service. If your loved needs rehabilitation post surgery and/ or conditioning, extended care is the place to come.

Carmen R

Extended care is a great facility..clean staff is friendly very helpful business office, nursing. Dietary,activities, social services, and house keeping all work together to make this a place you will want to refer to others..

Tonya S

We have had the pleasure of entrusting our patients at this facility and have been absolutely blown away by the staff and care that has been given. The caring and attentive hearts from the CNA's to Nursing Supervisors ensures that we won't hesitate to send our patients here in the future. Thank you for being such great partners in the community.

Tim J

All the staff are extremely nice and caring...Thank you for a great training to the staff because it does make a big difference��_ -Ricky Iligan 714 425-0259 Name of the patient confined: Eduardo Iligan

Ricky Iligan

Extended Care is an Awesome facility! The staff members make u feel so welcomed and its heart warming seeing smiles on residents faces knowing they're been well taken care of. It's clean and smells fantastic. Would definitely recommend it to people who are on a search of a 24 hour care facility.

Victoria Z

The staff was great and we had a good experience for my grandpa would highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a clean place for one of their family members. I have been to other facilities but this one made me feel most at ease and I felt I made the right choice, and after a couple months of him being there I know I had.

Josh T

cherrie lynn dalmacio

I was able to see this place a few days ago. Loved the beautiful and colorful flowers before coming into the building. Once I went inside the staff was so friendly and cared to know what it was that I needed. I felt as if I was home and so comfortable being there. I was even able to meet the administrator and nursing staff, they really know what they are doing there. It is well-maintained. I give them a five star for cleanliness, smells and looks great. If you are looking for a place for your loved one for rehabilitation this is the place I would recommend!

Caroline C

My husband was transferred from Hospital to Extended Care Hospital of Riverside. So glad he landed here! Everyone was so helpful in getting me oriented as to what would be happening with my husband. If I needed help or had questions -- someone was always available to assist me. When it was time for him to move to another facility for more extensive care, Tonya Gutierrez was amazing in organizing the transfer in a most efficient and timely manner!

Linda M