The staff here is excellent.

Shardul Gaikwad

The afternoon I got there they had a dinner tray and dessert waiting for me. My CNA and LVN introduced themselves to me and helped me acclimate into a new routine they made it all so stress free. For a total of 10 days I felt like a winner!

April Bachelder

Toshi Yoneyama

Compared to other skilled nursing facilities this one is the best one. Speaking from experience

Jose Rios

I had a very good experience at Cirtrus. The staff and everyone could not have been more supportive and professional. I would recommend this facility to family and friends

Vicki Ceja

My grandma is here right now because she needs some rehab, she was transferred here from the hospital. The hospital gave me a list of facilities to choose from and I toured every single one of them, even though the case manager crossed out citrus from my list stating that it was a terrible place. I decided to find out why this place was so terrible, when I walked in I noticed the building is a bit old, however as soon as u walk in u are greeting by a friendly receptionist who is very helpful in bringing the admission girl. As I waited for her to come out I saw their binder with their survey results which told me they are a 5 star facility, and so forth. We began the tour and I bombarded the girl with a million questions, she answered each and every single one of them appropriately, she provided with a bunch of information that I didn't know of on what to look for in a facility. She introduced me to the nursing staff and the rehab department which were very friendly, and knowledgable. They know what they are doing. I gave this place a chance because they are a 5 star facility which now a days is difficult to come by, best decision ever made. My grandma loves it here she loves the nurses they call me all the time with changes and now that she is almost ready to come home with me they are getting all the equipment ready and home health services so that she can continue with rehab at home. If ever my grandma or loved one needs rehab again, this is the place I would put them. The staff is amazing here

Bessy A

Facility looks a old and is not very aesthetically pleasing, but the way they cared for my grandmother definitely made up for it. Nurses are compassionate and were attentive to her needs, they even went out and brought her a slice of pizza because she asked for it. They are hard working and really made us feel like family. The rehab had her walking, using utensils and functioning again pretty quick (less than 2 weeks, Hospital said it would take 5 weeks). Laura's also a great social worker and she helped us through the whole process. The only problem I had is their entrance; they have parking and entrance in the back, I walked all the way around the facility because there's no signs indicating otherwise. They should really put up a sign for family and visitors. Parking is also busy sometimes. I've been to other facilities in the area, but if I had to recommend one to a friend for care Citrus would be first.

Terry M

Desiree Andrea Pena

I have been an Administrator and worked at several buildings, The staff at Citrus Nursing Center makes my job easy. There is genuine love and compassion with this staff! You can trust that we will do our best!

Glenn Brooks

I had my grandma here earlier this year . She recently went back to this facilty and we had a very different experience this time around. The building is clean, staff is very friendly and the rehab team really gave my grandma the confidence and encourgment she needed to reach her goals. This building is the only one close to home that has a 5 star rating. Allthough its not the prettiest building,I would recommend it to anyone looking for a staff that really cares . My grandma always spoke so highly of the nurses and even the administrator who took time to come around and talk to the residents. The first time around I was not too impressed with citrus nursing,but this time around I could see changes have been made and it will definitely be my first choice for any of my loved ones needing nursing care. Thank you Citrus!

Presley S

Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment? Definitely! They always remember me and make me feel important! Did a staff member acknowledge or greet you when you entered? Immediately! They gave me a friendly greeting as soon as I walked in


Martha Menchaca Adame

My spouse recently was there for six weeks. I highly recommend this nursing home as the staff was incredibly friendly, professional and caring. Thank You| Citrus staff for all your help!

Daniel Jones

I have been an Administrator and worked at several buildings, The staff at Citrus Nursing Center makes my job easy. There is genuine love and compassion with this staff! You can trust that we will do our best!

Glenn Brooks

Irma Uriarte

My mother was admitted to Citrus Care Nursing Center, and we were so happy with the Care and love they provided for her. Everyone was very hands-on, and my mother was always happy and a nurse was always with her every time we came to visit her. Great and caring environment. I would recommend to anyone in need of a safe and loving environment for their loved ones!thank you again for the TLC

Brenda M

This facility is filled with staff that truly love what they do. From the Administration to nursing care they are all very compassionate and will go out of their way to make you feel welcomed.

Ivania M

I visit lots of skilled nursing facilities each and every day for business. In my opinion citrus nursing center is one of the best. From the receptionist to the nurses all the way up to the administrator, they all go out of their way to treat people with kindness and respect. If you are looking for a facility for yourself or a loved one, you definitely want to take a look at citrus nursing center.

Kyle M

My wife was admitted to this facility not too long ago, and let me just say, i have never seen more attentive or dedicated nurses. My wife was incontinent so required help going to the restroom, not only did the nurses help her every time, and were attentive to her call light, but they were also very compassionate and didn't make it uncomfortable or awkward for my wife. The inside of the place wasn't great, but the care we received was top notch, my wife was happy while she was recovering, and the therapy team got her walking safely, and got her back home. I met with the administrator who seems like he really cares about his staff and the families too, he informed me that they were a five star building, and one of the few with a five star inspection rating. After our experience in this facility, my wife and I can clearly see why. We hope that neither one of us will need to be in a skilled nursing facility again, but if we do, we're going to citrus, they know how to look after their patients.

Dwayne S

This was a recent statement on behalf of one of our residents, Mrs. Vicki Glenn: "Very Pleased! Very caring and professional staff. I am very pleased with the nursing care I have received here and would definitely recommend this facility to family and friends. Everyone here has been so loving, I am very grateful to the people of Citrus." (See profile pic section for thank you card)

Citrus N

I recently got a tour at Citrus Nursing Center and I was immediately greeted by the friendly staff. If you are looking for a place for your loved one who needs therapy or any skilled need I would recommend this place. Staff is great, very clean, a lot of activity happening amongst patients and nursing staff, and overall seems like they care about the patients here. Compared to the other places I toured this was definitely one of the best! & let's not forget that the rating of the facility by the state is very important, Citrus is rated 5 stars over all so that made my decision a lot easier.

Yessika D

Did this provider answer all of your questions? Yes Was this provider's staff friendly? Yes Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit? Completely!


Staff are amazing job !!!! Thank you for cherished each other

Norma Garcia

Aurora Sulit Cuasay

Citrus Nursing Center's administrator is friendly and actually takes time to talk to the patients and make sure their stay here is the best that it can be. The building is down the street from the hospital and there are several restaurants close by to Citrus so it comes in handy if you and your family are craving something besides hospital food. I see that there are some negative comments on here but they all seem to be from over 6 months ago. I'm not sure what changed but I've only had positive experiences here with the staff!!

Alora R

Paulo Areniego

Recently visited my Aunt here at citrus nursing and was impressed by the care shown to her not only by the nurses but also the administrator that randomly comes around to visit the patients. Facility looks and smells clean, Everything you would expect from a five star nursing home.

Michael S

Does this provider welcome questions? Yes, they don't mind answering my questions Did this provider seem irritated to be working with you? Not at all, they were glad to help me with anything I needed