This place that i see . Clean. Not to many people here. Nice staff. Hopefully my boyfriend mother like it.

Maria Rodriguez

College V is my second home. I carry my badge with high pride everyday because of the people I work with.

Maureen Tadle Perez

Over the past year I have witnessed the hard work the staff and the administrator have put in to transform College Vista into a professional and well-run rehab center. The building is a pleasure to visit.

Susanne Dean

The Director of Nursing gave me a thorough tour, answered all of my questions, was very friendly, and really shared her feeling that it was like one big family. There were no smells, the residents were up, and engaged in activities, and each staff member smiled at me.

Michael James

When my mother broke her arm and wound up in the hospital we were faced with making the important decision about where she would go for her rehabilitation. We finished about 3 weeks of rehab and she was all ready to go back to her assisted living! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT CARE AND EXPERIENCE!!!

Sean Markie