Sierra View Care Center is one of the highest rated facilities in the area. I have been to several other nursing homes and have seen how some nurses treat their patients. I can honestly say that Sierra Views nurses and therapists really care about their patients and take pride in their work. I would without hesitation refer my family and friends here.

Yamilette C

I have been to this facility many times as I worked for a hospital in the area. Every time I came to visit, I was greeted warmly by the staff at the nursing station. The rooms are spacious & they have a beautiful, well kept patio for residence and families to enjoy. I have had only good experience with the staff. The Social services Director, Frances is very compassionate and knowledgeable. One time I came to visit & the activity coordinator was throwing a dance for the residence. They were up & dancing (some of them with help) but it was a scene that warmed my heart. I also like that the building itself is nestled in a residential neighborhood. I think they are doing a great job there!

Toni C

I had an opportunity to take a tour of this facility last week. I surprised to see such a large facility in a quiet residential area. The facility as well kept up and clean. The staff was friendly and accommodating. I had the chance to talk to the nutritionist, she explained how the meals are designed to be tasty as well as meet the needs of the patients. I noticed fresh plants everywhere. I would not hesitate in sending one of my family members here. Impressive!!

Mark G

Choosing a facility for a loved one is always a difficult decision, I've experienced this when my grandmother was referred to a Health Care facility for rehabilitation after a terrible fall. I came across a few facility, yet after visiting Sierra View I automatically knew this would be the perfect short term rehabilitation for her physical therapy. The facility went beyond meeting our expectations. She received extraordinarily Care from the caregivers who assisted her routinely, the nutritionist who ensured she received the daily nutrients needed to strengthen her for her rehabilitation routines. My grandmother made great improvements working with a team of professionals that not only uplifted her spirits, but also help keep her safe during such a vulnerable time in her life. Thank you to all who worked directly with giving her the fundamental treatments need to getting her back home to her family and friends. Sincerely, Grandmothers daughter

Dafne Sanchez

The staff at Sierra View is great. They are always responsive, organized, and I know I can count on them. Their admissions coordinator Albert is always willing to help any way he can, and their marketer Yami is always so sweet and reliable with information about service at Sierra View. They are located in a central location and the facility is always clean and smells nice, unlike some other skilled nursing facilities.

Melissa B

Seems like a well-run friendly place to me!

Peter Bennett

I was given a polite greeting when I walked in. It was nice to be acknowledged. Their staff is the most friendly, welcoming staff I've ever dealt with. They are so warm and professional, and make the whole experience that much better. I don't know of anywhere else that would've taken better care of me. I had a great experience.

Isabel Mathos

Ana Flores

I visited this facility a few weeks ago and I was very impressed! The rooms look bright and clean. Most of the beds had nice new-looking widescreen TVs for the patients. I was also greeted by many happy looking residents. During my visit, I observed what look to be music therapy and many of the residents really seemed to be enjoying the music being played.

Jen Q

The Social Workers Edmee and Frances, I want to thank you especially because through you, I was able to accomplish the personalized care that my mother needed. In here, my mother had a lot of health obstacles, and you made them possible to be overcome. Thank you, I always remember you, and for that my whole family extends the biggest appreciation. God Bless You! Your Friends Always, Federico & Clementina G. Belloso

Sheri R

Sound like a good place.

Patricia Salazar

Well, where to begin. I was a very reluctant resident at the start. I had broken my left femur in a fall and was a very unhappy boy. It took a few days for the pain meds from the hospital to wear off and I kept to myself with minimal amount of interaction. Once I came out of my shell a little bit, I found the staff to be engaging, encouraging, and most of all, professional. These fine people helped me deal with set backs and celebrate milestones. Now a few shout outs. Red and Shawn in the PT dept. Eva, Irene, Carol and the rest of the nursing staff involved in my care. CNA's Uribe, Geraldine, Alicia, and several more who's names escape me at the moment. Now for the stars that make every thing possible. Sam, Sherrie, Julie and of course Nicole. They work very hard to make everything run smoothly. I can't thank you all enough.

Matt D

Does this provider offer flexible appointment times? Yes Did this provider ever dismiss your concerns as unimportant? Never, they go out of their way to address every concern of mine immediately Are you going to visit this provider again? Without a doubt! Does this provider always take that extra step to make you feel special? Absolutely, they always make me feel like I'm their only patient.


I recently toured Sierra View and was very impressed with how bright the area was when you first walk in. The sun was shining nicely through the big windows in what I think was a family area. It gave the facility a cheery feel to it. The facility was also very clean and the staff were friendly. On the day that I toured, the staff had put together a luau for the residents; there was a beautiful bbq, hula dancers, and the day was sunny so it turned out to be a very nice event for the residents. Very impressive!

Elizabeth M

Recently I was at this facility to visit a close friend of my Dads who has been practically a uncle to me. He is doing fantastic and I owe it to this incredible and caring staff. He is always comfortable and well groomed and clean! The nurses are always so friendly and easy to talk to. Uncle J is not easy to please especially in his golden years so we couldn't be more relieved that he is getting the care he needs!!!

Alan S

I visited this facility recently and I noticed how welcoming this facility was! I was greeted by employees and nurses with a smile on their faces. I happened to walk by their rooms and they looked very clean and spacious. The residents seem to love it there and I would definitely recommend anyone in the area to come by and visit the facility if they need a placement for their loved ones.

John T

Lala Marie

Leonard Robles

Sierra View Care Center is always trying to provide a unique care experience for our residents. As the Administrator of Sierra View my door is always open, we employ amazing care givers, rehabilitation providers, nurses, and healthcare professionals to help accomplish our goals of providing specialized individualized care to all our residents.

Sam Smith

I was at Sierra View for 2 weeks after having my hip surgery and it was a great experience. Yamilette came to Queen of the valley hospital and talked to me about what to expect and guided me through the entire process so that I didn't feel lost since I had never been at a rehab center before. I had my nice warm meals every day on time, I had therapy everyday except for the weekends and all of the nurses were very nice and helpful.

Marlene Gonzalez

I've been working with this facility for years and they continue to provide excellent services and meets the needs of the residents with passion. The staff are outstanding! To the frontline people, Yami, Albert and Sam, thank you for making the process look easy and convenient for your residents. I highly recommend this facility!!!

Benhur Ortega

Albert help us with a tour, good facility but did not have room for us at the time. Thanks anyway!

Marta Downing

My grandma was staying here at Sierra view. Love the nurses and staffs here at the facility. They took really good care of her, and we all are very much grateful! Everyone here is so kind and caring. :) If she needed special care, this would be the place she would be returning to. Thank you for everything, Sierra view! :))

Tina S

I had the opportunity to tour this facility and I must say it stands out from the rest in the area. The facility was very clean, and the rooms also look very spacious and welcoming. During my tour I saw the nursing staff going above and beyond to keep the residents happy. I left very impressed :)

Neydy G

Thank You beautiful staff from Sierra View Care Center, in few words I just want to Thank you for taking care of my mother Maria Tavares.You awesome. !!!! You really care for all people in your Center. You know me as Antonio Banderas

Tony Tavares

I have been a employee at Sierra View Care Center for past 2 1/2 yrs...!!? has been such a blessing & i work with some amazing mom was a resident there twice, and the care was amazing!!!... Thank you Sierra View for all that you have done for our residents & especially my mom....

Julie A

Yesenia Romero

I have my mom in this Care Center and they are top notch. My mom usally complains about everyone but she says herself that there is not one person there she can complain about. She says that every single person there is very very nice to her and when I go and visit or other friends and family members we are treated with the up most respect. I love the staff there and would highly recommend this place for your loved ones.

Gloria N

Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced? Yes, they seemed very qualified Does this provider always take that extra step to make you feel special? Yes, I always enjoy my appointments Was this provider's office easy to locate? Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier! Was the waiting area spacious? Yes


Sierra view care center has been by far the best skilled nursing center I was lucky enough to have my mom in. The staff actually cares about the patients and their well-being and go to great limits to make sure everyone is comfortable with their stay. God bless all of you guys and thank you for everything!

Alvin A

Did this provider answer all of your questions? Yes Was this provider's staff friendly? Yes Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit? Completely! Was this provider's office easy to locate? Absolutely! It couldn't have been easier! Are you going to visit this provider again? Sure