I can not say enough when it comes to the professionalism and hospitality I experienced at Sun Mar. I was obviously very worried when my aunt had to be admitted here recently, but we all feel so blessed that she was able to be here for her therapy and recovery. This institution made her feel very welcome and I am very thankful that we were able to find a place that cared for her as much as we did.

Justin L

Super clean, friendly, professional, and attentive. These are the words that come to mind from my experience when visiting Sun Mar Nursing Center. I visited this rehab facility when my best friend's mom came here for physical therapy after being in the hospital. I was impressed. I have been in other skilled nursing facilities before for some of my own family members and this was a better overall experience in my opinion. The nursing care was great, the rehab successful, and they made everyone feel at home.

Troy K

I have spent just about a year and a half working with Sun Mar Nursing Center, and I must say it has been one of the most enriching experiences in my professional career. The administration and the department heads do an excellent job of fostering collaboration, camaraderie and a safe working environment. Coworkers are consistently cordial and very easy to get along with. Working with Sun Mar didn't feel like working at all; in fact, it felt like being part of a family. Thank you!

Roy P

I like the demeanor to this facility. The facility looks well kept and has a calm, home like vibe. My friends have been sending their loved ones here and they seem to be recovering great. I have not heard of any complaints. Thank you to all the staff at Sun Mar Nursing who are doing a fantastic job with patient care!

Brian K

My mother, Soo Kyung, has been to a few retirement homes and Sun Mar is by far the best home we have found for her. All the staff are very friendly, hard working, and genuine people. They are always welcoming to my family when we visit and my mother is very grateful for their genuine care. The director and all nurses are so great and my family cannot thank them enough for the great care they give my mother Soo Kyung. Thank you Sun Mar!

Andy Seung Hwan Y

The only 5-star building with a Korean Cultural Program in California! Named one of the Best Nursing Facilities in US World News! Spacious grounds with lots of parking...I love their tree in the middle of their patio area.

Channon B

I absolutely loved working at Sun Mar Nursing Center! They have such a strong interdisciplinary team, who genuinely care for their residents. They go out of their way to accommodate all needs and make each resident AND family feel at home! Sun Mar assures a long term recovery and is a great place for a home! You won't regret it:)

Janet S

Right when I walked into the building, I instaneously got the vibe of feeling "at home." My grandma is currently staying at this facility for rehabilitation and she's well on her way to discharging home thanks to the caring staff. The cnas, especially Rhoda in the 3-11shift, are very caring and tentative. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Katrina A

My mother in law had to stay there for 3 weeks following a second back surgery and we were all very pleased with the friendly staff, clean environment and their loving care and support. We honestly don't know what we would have done had we not found them! Thank you Sun Mar!

Jina C

Awesome staff, great facility! Thank you Sun Mar for taking awesome care of my grandma!

Irene O

My wife's mother and grandmother both came here for rehab. The care was great and the place was very clean! The staff are so caring and like family...great environment to be in when it was their first time at a nursing home. They felt very comfortable. Also, they loved the fact that asian food was served daily. Thank you Sun Mar!

Si I

The best Korean skilled nursing facility in Orange County! The facility is very clean and peaceful. They have a homelike atmosphere where the staff members make you feel like family. Parking is always easy and looks like they've made some upgrades recently.

Diana Y

This facility is so nice and welcoming! The administrator Channon is always available to help. Most of the patients are of Asian descent but they do offer American breakfast in addition to the Korean cuisine. The yard is beautiful and much nicer than most other skilled nursing facilities that I have been to. Thank your staff for always being accommodating!

paula m

I have been to this facility a couple of times. I love their korean program. It's super clean and smells great. I love to see how their patients enjoy all their programs and services!

Wendy D

I once had a meeting here with the staff & administrator. The grounds are very well kept, they have a beautiful courtyard & plenty of parking. The staff members were smiling & the residents looked very happy which is always a good sign in Hospitals & nursing centers. The Administrator, Channon is very involved with the patients & family members. They have a Korean program which is such a great service to the community & nursing staff to accommodate these residents. Great building!

Toni C

The staff at Sun Mar is very friendly and accommodating. The facility has smelled very clean every time I've visited. I would feel very comfortable with a loved one in this facility.

Bryce Porter

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Ki Kim

Went here to visit a patient. By far the cleanest and nicest snf that i have been to. It doesnt give off the wrench of other snf that you typically go into. The staff was actually working and super friendly as well. That was a big surprise considering that most facilities you go to, you seem like a bother to the nursing staff there and when you ask questions, its like you're wasting their important precious time. This place will even speak english! Other places will just ignore you and end up either speaking tagalog right in front of your face! Rude! BUT, not this place. I would even consider placing potential patients there in the future! GREAT JOB!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Patrick C

Very warm friendly staff. Took very good care of my Grandmother. Korean food very good and comforting. I can not Thank Them enough


I'm thinking about placing my mother in this facility because of how well rounded this place seems to be. My mother enjoys being alone and not talked to. I think this is the best place for her. I wont be visiting her at all due to the way she likes to treat others. I hope you treat her like she treats others, VERY RUDE. Thank you guys for allowing my mother to possibly stay.

Arissa Reyes

With our family being in a different state, finding a place for my grandmother to stay for rehabilitation from her knee surgery was a huge concern for my parents, until they found Sun Mar. The fact that my parents and grandmother were able to communicate with the staff in korean brought ease to both parties. The staff made sure that my grandmother received care and also informed my parents of her improvements. I heard nothing but high praises from my grandmother and she loves how attentive and genuine the staff is. We would be completely stressed without Sun Mar

Caroline K

Great facility with good Korean program. Nice warm staff. Good place for loved one with top-notch rehab program. Highly recommend for those seeking short-term rehab.

David T

Love this place. Our family did a lot of research while finding a good nursing home for my grandmother. Through extensive research, we decided to check out Sun Mar. It turn out the be one of the best decisions that we've made. The facility is clean and the staff are extra friendly and caring. I felt at eased leaving my grandmother there. My grandmother has been there for the past 6 months and she has been very pleased with the services and the level of care that she has been receiving. I highly recommended Sun Mar.

Christine T

My mother chose to stay here during her rehabilitation. I have to say that having a such a friendly staff that can communicate with her in Korean was the best thing that could have ever happened! The facilities are top notch and they are always warm and welcoming during visitation! My mother felt genuinely cared for like she was getting taken care of by her own family! Sun Mar is the only choice for us!

Frank K

Sun Mar Nursing Center - Always nice when you have a wonderful experience to post about! This past week, while visiting a friend of mine, Sarah, their social services professional, was more than accommodating and helpful in providing us with a variety of solutions before discharging my friend home. I felt she truly cared with a genuine heart! If you are looking for a clean facility with top notch staff, I recommend you take a tour here - the staff is always welcoming!


I have some friends that have family here. I have been in this facility many times over the years and I always leave feeling great! The Nursing Staff is amazing and I see how they treat my friends family member, which makes me want to recommend this Skilled Nursing Facility to anyone who needs quality Nursing care.

Cynthia M

Channon Balanay

I cannot express in words how grateful I am for this facility. When my relative was admitted, the staff made sure to feel he was right at home. The Korean church activities and the delicious food catered to his heritage. The Rehabilitation staff did their best to speak in his native Korean language and were the most cheerful and patient therapists I have ever seen. The nurses work tirelessly around the clock to make sure that patients are both healthy and comfortable. The nursing home has many activities such as current events discussion, which kept my relative mentally engaged. Thank you Sunmar Nursing Center!!

Albert P