One of the first things you notice arriving at French Park Care Center are the friendly attitudes and smiles you receive from the staff members. The center is very welcoming and kind in answering questions and assisting it's residents and their families. My grandmother has been there for only a couple of months, and there have been clear signs of improvement already and she enjoys the environment and staff. The customer service director, Nicole, regularly is checking in on all the residents to make sure they are okay. All the therapists are extremely patient and encouraging when working with the residents no matter how difficult they can be.The nurses at station 3 who take care of my grandma: Hong, Sara, Sunhwa, and all the CNA's, are so sweet and put effort into helping with anything my grandma needs, making sure she gets her medicine and eats properly. Everyone really tries above and beyond to help. This facility has been a wonderful experience so far. It also has a beautiful garden area outside to sit in, and large rooms for family gatherings and activities.

Jenny K

I visited my mom in French Park since I live far from her. She is self-responsible so it was her who chose this facility for herself. I really didn't know what to expect, I was just hoping that they treat her well while she stays there. First thing I noticed was their huge parking lot. No problems finding parking there. Inside I noticed that it was cleaner and smelled better than I expected. Also I was greeted by the administrator who really seemed to know my mom well. I've always been candid with my mom and I asked her if she wanted to go home instead to recuperate. She decided to stay longer to complete her rehab, so I guess that says a lot about the care of the nurses and therapists. I'll update this review as I get to talk to my mom more.

Lani V

The staff is friendly and courteous. The nursing staff here put the "skill" in the skilled nursing facility. The traditional thoughts of nursing homes are dirty and smelly. The refreshing look and smell of this environment makes the decision for my love one to be there that much easier.

Christine L

They are very caring about their residents and the community.

Beth Koenig

My friend & I once visited a loved one here. This place is very nice and clean. The staff are very friendly and accommodating. You can see that they take care of their patients very well and their concern is genuine.

Franceis S

A Google User

My mom went there for rehab after a knee replacement operation, first, I hated that got to go to that place that had 2.5 stars in Yelp, but let me say, that we have the best service that any patient can get in a rehab center, my mom can walk easily now, they have had her on a program schedule that was really efficient. I left without saying thank you, but here is my thank you :)

Samuel I

French Park Care Center is the best community I ever seen. Everyone in that job is amazing, but some of the time they argue but that's ok. They work awesome, Keep Up the good work French Park!


Nursing homes have always been a notorious place due to the common belief of a place for the near-dead, not this one, though. I, too, have been misguided by that belief and was reluctant to have my aunt transferred here, however, the results are way better than I thought, almost unbelievable! My aunt suffered from cancer and I never thought she could be happy in such a place, but the service here is what made her life better, literally. Not to mention the constant health care provides by the nurses, even the other staff members shone light onto this musky place. What I admired the most were the nurses: always showing up with a smile and a desire to help. Whatever she need, be it her hygienic needs, recreational to illness care or therapies, everything was neatly done. And there was a time when my aunt needed some kind of transportation for her CTs as the place was pretty far away and she was on a trach, this place happily offered her a transportation ambulance and kept doing it multiple times throughout her operations. That is just amazing. So amazing! Every now and then when I come to check on her, she would never give a complaint, despite her grumpiness, which would means this is a near-perfect place for her. To sum up, I would like to thank all the staff here for your hard work, you alone made their small world a better one to live. Thank you, sincerely.

Felix N

French Park is a huge facility that has one of the biggest rehab gyms in Orange County. It also has a big yard and multiple guest lounges available for residents and families when they visit. The staff are friendly, caring, and compassionate. The administration is very nice to bring snacks, donuts, pizzas, goodies, and every Friday, the facility has ice cream social to show appreciation to their staff. Also, Department Head Managers serve food to their staff and residents during all staff meetings and major events for the residents. Licensed nurses and CNA's are committed and dedicated and go above and beyond what's expected. Highly recommended!

Juan M

As I write this i am holding back my tears. My Mom recently stayed at French Park Care Center. When she was admitted she was depressed tired - a couple days into her stay I visited her - She had the biggest smile on her face. The staff was so attentive and kind. They listened to all her stories and treated her with the respect she deserved. I just want to thank the staff once again for taking such good care of my Mother. She still talks about her stay there and now has new stories to tell me over and over. LUV YOU ALL!

Serna Family

The reviews are true, what people say about this place is very true. Very nice looking place. It feels relaxing to be there, the staff is nice, and people are amazing!! I would love to stay there when I turn old.

Ivan T

I will like thank all the staff at French Park Care Center for the love and caring that my Dad received while he was at French Park for rehabilitation. Like to thank the Admission staff for making the Discharge off my love one as easy as it can be. Like to mention that all he staff there its very friendly and kind. Facility its very clean and will recommend to anyone that needs rahabolitation.

Hector G

This facility has a great rehab gym and caring therapists to help you get better and stronger. Plenty of parking and very clean. They also have a huge outdoor patio area that you can enjoy with your friends and family. The staff always have a great attitute. Everyone takes the time to talk to you and genuinely cares about your well being. Would definitely recommend.

Marianne P

I have been here a couple of times and this place makes me feel welcome every time I visit. I am always greeted with a warm smile. Parking is very accessible and the facility is very clean.

Chelle A

The facility here is excellent!

Shardul Gaikwad

I have been visiting this facility for over a year now and have had fantastic experiences each time I have visited. I work for Alcam Medical Orthotics & Prosthetics and we provide orthotic work for French Park Care Center's rehab department. They are a very active rehab department that make sure their patients are appropriately equipped for improving their daily life. Orthotics are provided quickly and efficiently. The rehab gym is very large and offers a variety of rehabilitation equipment and one on one interactions between the physical / occupational therapists and their patients. The entire staff at French Park Care Center are very caring and have personal connections with all of their residents. From Jenny at the front desk to Miracle in Case Management and every nurse, the entire staff really makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The facility itself is very beautiful and I recommend it to anyone looking for a dedicated Skilled Nursing Facility.

Jeremy S

Being disabled at a young age it is very devastating feeling that the world crumbles in front of your eyes and you can't do anything about it! Your dreams of what could have been of your future?! it takes many years to over come that fear of what is the future in tales for a young man from an emotional to physical stand point, but when I arrived at French Park full of resentment and anger they turned me around in seeing the positive of my disability and how fortunate I am to be here. They have the most incredible physical therapy team and their small size of a center it makes it more one to one care feeling and less overwhelming feeling. Then seeing the TLC they use to treat their patients and specially the elder. It is incredible. They make me feel different and once I recover I would like to change professions and become a nurse or therapist to use the same motivation they used on me to get back to my life of not what could have, but what it will be!! Thank you French Park for your support and encouragement!! Love you ladies and guys!!

Arturo C

Very nice property as they have upgraded quite a bit. This property goes out of it's way to make you feel comfortable, they have a really cool outside area that is gated and an awesome courtyard with a chimnea with shade trees. The two things that impressed me was: the admin here is very hands on and involved with the residents in a very caring and gentle fashion. The second is that even the maint dept takes the time to treat residents like family. Plus the facility throws BBQ's and cookouts where the entire staff, residents and families come to enjoy the good food and setting. I would recommend this property should your loved one have this need!!!

Robert V

What a wonderful place for someone you love! For the two-years preceding my elder sister's passing, the staff of French Park was so kind and diligent. I have seen many such facilities and French Park exceeded every one in my experience. It is bright, immaculately clean and there is so much genuine concern and affection among the staff at all levels. I feel very grateful for the care they gave my sister during a difficult time. In my experience, they are highly professional, personally attentive and trustworthy. Thank you, French Park!

Terry S

My grandmother was at French Park Care Center for ongoing nursing care after hip surgery. I could not have asked for a better experience for her and our whole family. The level of care and professionalism of this facility was exceptional. The rehab department was very attentive and responsive to my grandmother's needs and was able to help my grandmother surpass her post-op goals. In a difficult time, we were very fortunate that my grandmother was taken care of and recovered well at French Park and I would like to take the time to thank the rehab team and all of the staff for giving us some piece of mind and taking such great care of my gran - Thank you!

Ashlyn K

Big thanks to the staff here for helping me and my family through the process and transition of caring for my grandfather. We were welcomed so warmly by everyone, and were given tons of information about their company and services provided at this beautiful facility. Definitely feel safe and secure that my Lolo is well cared for and looked after here.

Jolena P

This facility has one of the best rehabilitation gyms I've ever seen. It has a nice feel when you walk in and there's a very nice yard to get some fresh air. Most places don't have such a great outdoor space. They even have a solarium. The staff are friendly too. I met with Wendy and she is very knowledgeable and cares about the patients.

paula m

My grandmother had 2 back-to-back falls in 2012 and ended up bed-ridden with us family members taking turns helping with her care for 2 years. After a lot of discussing we finally decided to admit her into a nursing home and French park was centrally located to all of us so it seemed like a good option. And 2 years later I'm happy to say that we made a good choice. The place is pretty clean and ive personally seen some remodeling done over the last year in there. The thing we were most concerned about though was her getting bed sores which she has had zero in her time there. We had a small scare a year ago when she started taking diuretics which was causing her to pee a lot more and when I visited her once she complained to me of her bottom feeling a little sore, so I checked her and I noticed some redness on her bottom. I talked to the charge nurse on that shift about it, and it has never been an issue since. I'm thankful for the care that my grandma has been receiving and that our concerns are always addressed, definitely a place I would recommend for anyone looking for a long term place for a loved one

Ana J

My brother, who is disabled, has lived at French Park Care Center since 2012. My mother was in rehab several times and my father passed away at French Park Care Center. My brother has never had bedsores. My mother enjoys visiting the PT department to say, "Hello." The staff treated my family with dignity and respect. They helped us through these very difficult times. The facility is historic and well maintained. Most of the people who live there are forgotten people. The staff at French Park is their family. I have nothing but praise for the caring and hardworking staff at French Park Care Center.

Michelle B

As a hospice RN I travel around to a lot of different facilities in the Orange County area and French Park is by far the nicest facility with the best staff. The staff is always helpful and friendly not only to the patients but to the families as well. If I had a loved one that needed skilled nursing services I would bring them to French Park, it is a very caring and nurturing environment. The facility has recently gone through some cosmetic changes which are gorgeous and there are plenty of areas for families to spend time together outside of the residents room. Every French Park staff member that I walk by in the halls has a smile on their face and a warm greeting for you.

Sarrah O

Richard Bigfut Negrete

OC MythreeBoyz

French Park has one of the most spacious rehabilitation gym I have ever seen, and within it a lot of therapy equipment allowing patients to get the best rehab they can. The therapy team is great working with patients and they make the efforts to communicate with family members to provide information on the process and planning of the care. It feels like a lot of efforts are put into keeping the place clean and welcoming.

Marc K

Sara Jeong

My family and I had a great experience with French Park Care Center prior to my father being admitted to the center for rehab. French Park's representative took her time to visit my father at the hospital and shared all their services and answered all our questions. My father and most of my immediate family are primarily spanish speaking and they have a great bilingual team that was very help. Thank you for all the support and patience you provided to my father and family.

Linda J

Hard working staff.

Gabino Alarcon

My father was in the Sub acute unit following a stroke. Was definitely afraid due to all the horror stories you hear on the news. As time went on I felt more and more comfortable with the care being delivered to my father. The staff there made me feel at ease knowing my father was in great hands. The compassion shown to my father and my family should be the standard. Fast forward a couple months later my father showed amazing signs of improvement he went from being on a ventilator to being able to eat, breath on his own, talking, and walking. I am forever thankful for the nurses, respiratory therapist, rehab department, and management. Thanks to the blessing given by everyone my father is now home with his family. We will definitely be coming by to say hi to the staff again.

Angelica M

My Dad was recently discharged from this rehab center. My siblings and I were nervous about putting him in a nursing facility, but we are so relieved that we did! He was here for a couple months for short-term rehab and they got him back into great condition. We were not sure how he would tolerate rehabilitation after his surgery, but this rehab team and nursing staff did such a wonderful job! The nurses were so attentive and took great care of him, meeting all his needs. My dad was so happy with no complaints! I would definitely recommend this place for anyone's loved one!

Giselle G

This facility is huge. Staff is very friendly and are always smiling. The rehab gym is big and beautiful. The outdoor courtyard is the size of a small park with plenty of grass and is a great place to relax and get some fresh air. I noticed they have gatherings and bbq out there on a regular basis for their staff and residents. They appreciate their employees and residents. The family rooms are definitely better than most facilities in the area. I never have problems getting a spot in the parking lot.

Sarah R

Frank Velasquez

I've been to a couple of nursing homes around the area and I think this one is the best. It has an international population. The kitchen has 3 different menus that accommodate their tastes. I don't know of any other nursing home that allows has that. The rehab gym is really nice. It's clean, spacious, and it has the latest equipment needed to rehabilitate the residents. The courtyard area is beautiful. The grass and trees are well-kept, and I really enjoy watching the squirrels. Most nursing homes have a distinct odor that never quite leaves your nose when you leave. Not this one! Highly recommended!

Dan L

I had many many mixed emotions about placing my mother in one of these homes but I am truly not able to care for her as she needs me to. After meeting the administrator and his staff I actually felt comfortable having my mother there. Staff is extremely friendly, attentive and helpful. Great staff overall ! I know my mother is in great care and I am at ease knowing.

Jorge S

My father was just discharge from French park center after a total hip replacement and him and I can not be happier of the service, he obtained I will recommend this facility to anybody

Antonio A

I recently visited my grandmother last week, and I have to say that the staff is exceptional! They greeted me upon entering and was very attentive to my family. I highly recommend!

Olivia T

I was a bit skeptical at first about nursing homes however after visiting French Park Care Center my opinion changed . Right from the start the staff is very welcoming and very nice, and the facility was very clean. However the highlight of the visit was seeing how caring they are for the patients. I was really impressed with French Park Care Center they have changed my mind about nursing homes .

Aura L

Jo Crescini

I been in this facility several times already...this is a very clean n recently remodeled facility. Has very open space in the patients rooms....has nice outdoors the patios are big and there's a lot of places to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. The staff is very friendly and helpful...I would definitely recommend this facility if you're planning on placing your love ones in a nursing home.

Rosie P

I've been to this facility numerous times and everyone that I've met there has been very welcoming and always willing to assist. They've recently renovated which makes the place look more appealing. Clean facility, great sized patio, and lots of parking.

Daniel L

My relative was here for 6 weeks. Staffs and nurses were very friendly and kindly answer all her questions and took time for us and walked through our difficult time. Rehab therapists are awesome. My relative was in korean unit and i specially thank for all the nurses, nurses aid and social worker who took care of her. Highly recommend French Park for your loved ones! Thank you, French Park.

Eunji P

Excellent patient care Caring and Compassionate staff The facility is clean I had a great experience with rehab The staff treated me like I was a member of there family The administrator even knew my name It was a very positive experience

Chris S

Finding care for your loved one is a daunting and overwhelming process and can be riddled with concerns. To find an establishment like this, was the relief one would hope for when seeking care for that special family member. Life can be very stressful without the burden of the pressure regarding health concerns. I am so thankful that French Park stepped up and immediately alleviated my concerns with their top notch facility appeal, and their 5 star staff. From the moment I stepped foot in the building, I knew it was where my grandmother would call home during her recovery. Greeted by each staff member with a smile, I also noted the pleasant odor free environment one would hope for in a health care setting. I was immediately disarmed by the beauty of this place and never had to question the cleanliness, as it shined around every corner. Fortunately, my grandmother was able to return home after a short period with French Park and she came home in great spirits with raving reviews about the care she received during her tenure at the facility. Her notes matched mine about the warm, loving staff. We are eternally grateful for the care we received from French Park. We would recommend this facility to anyone seeking short or long term care. Thank you so much for taking care of my beloved grandmother. Bless you all :)

Kyle K

Recently toured this facility, the staff was all very friendly and helpful throughout my guided tour. The patients appeared well groomed and happy. They offer a wide variety of ethnic foods to accommodate multiple cultural groups. The facility is clean, odor free and the halls were free of clutter, which is something I didn't observe in the other facilities I toured.

Bianca R

I have been at French park to visit a friend and I was very impressed how well the staff treats visitors. They smile and my friend says a lot good things about every body there customer service. Is really good.I will definitely recommend this place for my love ones

Dave D

As I write this i am holding back my tears. My Mom recently stayed at French Park Care Center. When she was admitted she was depressed tired - a couple days into her stay I visited her - She had the biggest smile on her face. The staff was so attentive and kind. They listened to all her stories and treated her with the respect she deserved. I just want to thank the staff once again for taking such good care of my Mother. She still talks about her stay there and now has new stories to tell me over and over. LUV YOU ALL

Maggie M

Frank Velasquez

As a nurse at a psychiatric hospital, our patients only stay in the hospital for a few weeks. We work with many nursing facilities and when families are looking at choices on where to take their family member, to continue their care, I always recommend French Park first. Their staff shows genuine concern for their patients. They make sure the patient has everything they need to be successful at their facility. Their Case Manager, Miracle, goes above and beyond, making sure she in constant communication with our providers to represent and advocate for her patients; this facilitates continuity of care after they discharge and allows the patient to get the most of our healthcare system.

Elizabeth M

Paul Coronado

French park is a beautiful facility with an amazing staff who truly care about their residents. They go above and beyond to make sure they are providing excellent service and care. Large clean facility, great food, nice rehabilitation gym, and beautiful outdoor space. I would definitely recommend.

Cristina P

All of the staff has been very helpful and has responded to our dads needs. They even provided dad with international diet to satisfy him and encourage him to exercise daily. Thanks to all of the hard working nurses and support staff!

Margaret L

I've been visiting French Park for over 4 years and I've been very happy with the staff and the service. I have read all the reviews on yelp and had a ton of questions when I arrived. The admissions team took the time to answer my questions and tour me around. I feel like they care and they have done their best to address issues that come up. I really admire the CNAs because they have a very thankless job- people come in stressed out and scared and they have a tremendously difficult job. The administrator even carts around ice cream on Friday's to provide to the CNAs as a way to thank them for what they do (and he gives me a cone as well when I see him). If you want free ice cream, go to French Park on Friday afternoon :)

Jimmy P

I recently had my grandmother at French Park Care Center, I was very happy with the care provided for her. The nurses were so kind- the physical therapy was excellent and now my grandmother is home and is well and is no longer scared of going to a hospital or a nursing home like she was before. I do recommend bringing your loved one to French Park Care Center and If she needed more therapy I would bring her back there. Thank you French park for all your care!

Jade R

I had a total hip replacement done on December 7, 2017. I had to go to a nursing facility for physical and occupational therapy. I was given several facility to choose from. I was happy that I chose French Park care center in Santa Ana. The staff gave me warm welcome upon arriving. I really appreciate all the staff. They are so nice and very pleasant. They made sure that all my needs were met. The facility is very clean. I recommend this facility because I had a good experience. I can say that my fast recovery is because of the excellent care and the very good environment.

Cristina P